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On-Site Proctoring:

How to Find a Proctor

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Global Campus Proctoring Services must approve the on-site proctor you choose, before your exam or online password will be sent to the proctor.

How to Request a New On-site Proctor:

If you request a new proctor, the proctor’s information you provide will be reviewed for approval within two business days. You will be notified in your WSU email if your proctor is not approved. If your proctor is approved, you will not receive a response, and your exam information will be promptly sent to your proctor.

After your proctor is approved, the proctor’s information will be saved so you can easily select the proctor for future exams.

Here are the steps to take to find an approved on-site proctor:

  1. Check your syllabus to find out the exam duration and any other special requirements. Also check the exam deadline.
  2. If you have a documented disability, please refer to For Students Disability Accommodations.
  3. Locate and contact the on-site proctor. If you live in Washington, you may find a proctor near you from our list of WA Approved Proctors. On-site proctors must be acting in an official capacity at their place of business in one of the following positions:

    • Staff member of a WSU Extension Office
    • Professional staff member of a public or private educational learning, tutoring, or testing center
    • Professional staff member of an adult or continuing education office, counseling center, or testing center at a public or private college, or university
    • Dean, Department Chairperson, or Registrar of a public or private college or university
    • Librarian (city, county, public or private school, etc.)
    • Public or private school Superintendent, Principal, Registrar, or Counselor
    • Civil Service examiner
    • Judge of a court of law
    • United States Armed Forces Educational Services Officer
    • Field Commander (active duty military) assigned with ESO duties
  4. Note that the following may NOT serve as proctors:

    • Teachers and professors, unless they are acting in one of the capacities listed above.
    • Relatives, no matter what their position.
    • Employers and coworkers. (Proctors who are employed by the same organization are acceptable, providing they do not work directly with you.)
    • During WSU’s summer term, K-12 teachers or administrative staff.

    U.S. residents: You may also be able to locate an on-site proctor through the National College Testing Association (NCTA).

    If you need to locate a proctor outside of the U.S., contact GCPS at or 509-335-0827 for more information. International proctors must be able to read and speak English, and are held to the same requirements as U.S. proctors, acting in an official capacity at their place of business.

  5. When you contact the proctor, be sure to ask:

    • What is the cost, and what are the payment options?
    • What are the testing hours?
    • Is an appointment required?
    • Is there ample and free parking nearby?
    • If you have an online exam:
      • Does the proctor supervise online exams?
      • If so, does the proctor have reliable high-speed Web access that meets the technical requirements of the Blackboard Learn learning management system?
      • Can the proctor supervise an online exam for the full exam time listed in your syllabus?
    • If you require rush delivery in 10 days or less, confirm with the proctor that exams or online exam passwords can be accepted via email.
    • If you need rush return of your exam by email, confirm with the proctor that exams can be scanned and emailed to GCPS. Note: You must have permission from GCPS.
    • If you have a disability that requires an accommodation during the exam, does the proctor have the ability to accommodate your needs? Go to For Students Disability Accommodations.

    If the proctor has not supervised an exam for you in the past, you will also need the following information to submit to GCPS for approval:

    • Proctor’s first and last name
    • Complete business or work address
    • Proctor's professional email address (we will not accept personal email addresses)
    • Phone number
  6. Go to Request/Schedule My Proctored Exams for instructions about how to complete the request form in your myWSU Proctored Exam pagelet.

Approved Proctoring Locations in Washington

The following locations have agreed to proctor WSU Global Campus exams. This is not a list of all proctoring locations within a region, city or county. Many locations charge a fee for proctoring; please confirm fees when scheduling your exam.

Select the appropriate link below to get information for that location.

Proctoring on WSU campuses

The Global Campus, PO Box 645220, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-5220, 800-222-4978, 509-335-3557, Contact Us

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